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Just The Facts:

  • Band Members: Joe and Luke

    Joe: plays guitar and bass at the same time.  Oh yea, he also sings.

Luke: plays drums....he's got it pretty easy compared to Joe.

  • Style of Music:

    rock-punk-funk-thrash-polka music.

  • Creation Date:

    On a snowy star filled night back in December of 1987 A Goldfish Named Blade came into existence.  If you were wondering, AGNB was named after an actual fish, may he rest in peace.

  • Mission Statement

    By keeping our costs low we pass the value onto you the listener.

The Whole Story:

A Goldfish Named Blade is a hard-hitting Chicago rock band that consists of two people. Originally conceptualized back in 1987, the band's founding and only members, Joe & Luke, held numerous auditions for bass players and vocalists (Oh, if only YouTube was around back then). However, it was the appearance of an ad for Roland's first guitar synthesizer that sparked a half-joking discussion of going deuce. That discussion was very short, and ended with, "What the Fuck?!".

The two met in high school as members of the marching band, and were members of local Buffalo Grove legends Flashback. Remember them? That's OK because they don't, either. Actually, the highlight of Flashback's career is getting pelted with ice cream while playing a Bar Mitzvah.

Joe comes from an early musical background, having played violin, piano, trombone, and guitar. He even studied at the famed Berklee College of Music in Boston. Besides AGNB, he has played and sang in local Chicago bands Vic Vacume and the Attachments, Blastomatic, and Applecake, covering styles ranging from country to thrash. You can also catch him on the big screen currently starring in the blockbuster hit "Ninja Assassin".

Luke also comes from an early musical background, playing baritone, piano, guitar, bass guitar, and drums. He has played bass in Chicago bands The Nursery and Shorty (with whom he toured Europe). He has played drums with local bands PKB (Paul's Killer Bunions) and Blastomatic (with Joe). He is currently playing drums with The Loafers, Ready Set Go, On We, and Waiflike. He can also be seen as Animal in the many syndicated reruns of the Muppet Show.

AGNB first surfaced in 1988 at Durty Nellies in Palatine, IL. Shortly, thereafter, they became a monthly regular "house band" at the late ChancesR, also in Palatine, IL. They have since has played on such hallowed stages as the Metro and Vic Theatre, as well as the late China Club, Lounge Ax, Thirsty Whale, and countless others. Among some of the notable acts that they have opened for are Lizzy Borden and David Chastain. As members of other bands, Joe & Luke have shared the stage with the likes of L7, Dazzling Killmen, Gwar, and Prong just to name a few.

AGNB derives its sound from an extremely broad range of influences. Early influences were thrash and speed metal, the likes of early Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer, etc. Before long, AGNB decided to incorporate all of the influences that both members brought to the table.

AGNB's calling card has been their ability to defy limitations by performing completely live (no samplers or sequencers or anything automated). Their original compositions push the boundaries of convention. While they do play some covers, their true gift is their "interpretive arrangements" of covers, where sometimes only the lyrics are retained from the originals. And don't be surprised to hear horns or strings at a live show - or even a jazz standard. They also have a tradition of inviting a guest vocalist to do a number or two at every show - that really crowds the stage! Think of it as true live karaoke.

Ultimately, AGNB just wants to share their love for all things that rock hard & heavy. And, in doing so, make this world a better place.

copyright 2002