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past gigs

This is by no means all of our past shows but we had a few old flyers and tickets laying around so we thought we would toss them up here.  For fun you can click on the images and see if you can find our name in microscopic type in the ads.

(click images to enlarge)

Cabaret Metro October 17, 1992
Ahh...Metro again.  I can't believe they let us play there a second time 

InterAction Lounge 1992:
What can I say about this's open 23 hours a day
Chances R September 26, 1991:
This place was our home away from home.  Rob ran the club and it was in it's heyday.  We would play at least once a month and the crowd there was always the best.
Cabaret Metro September 25, 1991:
We thought this was about as good as it could get.  Backstage passes, bins of beer, dressing rooms.  It was the closest we would ever get to the rock and roll lifestyle.  Our buddies Vic Vacuum and the Attachments got us in.
Sweet Alice February 12, 1992(or so) :
This place was great, another show with Vic.  Unfortunately it closed not long after we played there.


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